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If there were a Murphy's Law for skin, it would be that a pimple always surfaces on your face just in time for a special occasion. Various factors can give rise to blackheads, whiteheads and pustules, including diet, cosmetics, stress, hormonal changes, inadequate rest and excessive oil. Rather than squeezing, pinching or gouging the pimple and risking a scar, remove it with moisture and pressure.

Step 1

Wash and dry your hands. Then gently wash your entire face, including the area affected with a pimple, with the antibacterial cleanser using your fingertips. Allow your skin a few minutes to air dry, or blot gently with the hand towel.

Step 2

Place a dab of honey or mud or clay mask on the tip of a finger. The amount should be large enough to cover the pimple. Gently pat the treatment on the pimple and leave it on until it dries, normally less than 15 minutes. Like mud or clay, honey helps draw out impurities, but it will not completely dry so leave it on for about 10 minutes.

Step 3

When the treatment has dried, fold the washcloth and place a section of it under very hot running water. Squeeze out excess water and, while the wet area is still hot, press it firmly against the pimple until the cloth is barely warm. Repeat once or twice.

Step 4

The treatment will begin to soften and come off on the washcloth, so rinse the cloth before applying to the pimple each time. You will notice the pimple softening and coming to more of a head because of the heat and the treatment drawing infection out. When the treatment is completely removed, place the wet, hot cloth against the pimple a final time and swipe firmly upward, downward or sideways to remove the pimple head. You may have to repeat the swipe.

Step 5

The pimpled area may bleed a little once the head is removed. If so, place a fresh section of the washcloth under cool running water and press it firmly against the affected area for about a minute. That should stop the bleeding. Using the cotton ball or Q-tip, apply the toner to the blemish to cleanse and calm inflammation. Continue with your normal skincare regimen.

Things You'll Need

Antibacterial facial skin cleanser Clean, soft washcloth Clean, soft hand towel Mud mask, clay mask or honey (small dab) Hot water Alcohol-free toner Cotton ball or Q-tip